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The Perks of Perspective and Teen Wilderness Therapy

As Executive Director, I can find gobs of reasons as to why I need to stay in the office, sit at my desk, talk on the phone and get that growing pile of paperwork done.  The problem is there are … Continue reading

Christmas in the Wilderness

The month of December can be a treacherous one at Red Cliff Ascent.  It is often the first month of truly wintry weather and the stress of being away from family and friends during the holidays can take its toll … Continue reading

Thanksgiving at RedCliff Ascent

Holidays such as Thanksgiving will be a very different experience for a student at Redcliff Ascent.  Instead of gathering at Grandma’s house for dinner with extended family, RCA students will spend the day with their group in a camp in … Continue reading

Medicine Wheel Gets New Website

     Our new Medicine Wheel at Redcliff website is up and running.  A special thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make it happen.       Medicine Wheel is a wilderness program designed for young adults ages 18-26. We have … Continue reading

Safe Wilderness Therapy Demands Winter Prepration

Field staff at RedCliff Ascent have a difficult occupation and are expected to maintain high standards of operation all year. Occasionally, extreme weather conditions can make their jobs even tougher. Because safety is our #1 priority, RedCliff’s Field Director, Scott … Continue reading

Constantly Improving Wilderness Camp

The leaves are barely beginning to turn colors in Southern Utah but Milton Hatt, warehouse manager for RedCliff Ascent, is already prepared for winter. Part of the preparation means making sure the warehouse is filled with everything students may need … Continue reading

Wilderness Therapy Gear

As the warehouse manager for RedCliff Ascent wilderness therapy program, it is my responsibility to make sure that our students are outfitted in the best outdoor products available for the best price.  For that reason, I attend the Outdoor Retailers … Continue reading

Where Do We Sleep? Wilderness Therapy at Work

To a RedCliff wilderness therapy staff member there are few things more invigorating than waking up in the wilderness. Whether it has rained, dumped snow through the night, or is a perfect fall morning, there is something special to us … Continue reading

Wilderness Therapy and True Grit

After four days of constant rain the temperature dropped and the rain turned to snow at our wilderness therapy camping spot.  We had been hunkered under a rain tarp erected over our fire for days, with a cold wind blowing … Continue reading

Families and Troubled Teens: Learning to Fly

As Intake Coordinator for RedCliff Ascent, I ensure safe transportation of our new troubled teens students to see the pediatrician for their initial physicals as part of the intake process. Last week, while returning to the field after one of these … Continue reading

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