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The Beauty of Wilderness Therapy

The RedCliff Ascent field is covered with Juniper trees. In a small number of these trees you can find a dark barky growth called a gall. The gall is the tree’s reaction to a fungus or rust that has infected … Continue reading

Troubled Teen Sees Kindness In a Candy Bar

Our Shindig celebration happens about once every three months. It’s a chance for students to gather at Outpost with their peers and celebrate their wilderness experience. Here’s a letter we received from one of our current students. We think it shows the … Continue reading

Best Wilderness Experience

Mark wrote this response to our request for grads to share their RedCliff wilderness experiences. We thought you might relate: hi, my name is mark and i was in redcliff 8 years ago now, i still dream of my memories … Continue reading

Congratulations and Thanks!

Congratulations to Trevor, Melinda, Gabriella and John! They shared their RedCliff stories and won Kindle e-readers. You should be receiving them today. John – we’re still trying to figure out how to ship yours. Who knew Canada was on the … Continue reading

“Like” RedCliff? Tell Us Why and You May Win

What’s your RedCliff experience? In honor of our new Facebook site – – we’re giving you a chance to like us there and share your story here. What’s your connection to us? Share your story here, “like” us on … Continue reading

Lost and Found: Observations of a Wilderness Therapist

While it may not make intuitive sense, winter is my favorite time of year in the wilderness of Southern Utah.  I have spent about 18 winters in the field with the concomitant adventure that each of those winters has presented.  … Continue reading

Are You Stuck? Therapy Help is Closer Than You Think

One of the challenges of my job is my commute. Some people deal with freeway traffic or crowded subways. My challenge is Mother Nature. It’s about an hour drive from my office in Enterprise to the field where I meet … Continue reading

Cutting Edge Therapy and Real Change

When your family becomes part of ours we feel honored and committed to provide the very best therapy for your child. Recently, we received this email from the parents of one of our grads. With their permission, we’ve changed their names in … Continue reading

The Story of My Life: Troubled Teens Write Autobiographies

Autobiographies and Parent Narratives:  A vital Part of the Treatment Process An important aspect of the therapeutic process for students at RedCliff Ascent is the compilation of an autobiography.  Students write a 40 page autobiography while in the program as … Continue reading

The Perks of Perspective and Teen Wilderness Therapy

As Executive Director, I can find gobs of reasons as to why I need to stay in the office, sit at my desk, talk on the phone and get that growing pile of paperwork done.  The problem is there are … Continue reading

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