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RedCliff Ascent provides a safe, evidence-based treatment environment for adolescents. They will be given the care and understanding they need to succeed. You can trust that you are providing them with the right therapeutic experience to help them heal and progress forward in life in a positive direction.

At RedCliff Ascent, therapy doesn’t just take place in an office with a therapist. Instead, it is a constant thing. Every minute of every day here is meant to challenge and improve. Your teen could be building a fire, hiking in the high desert, or carving a spoon; regardless of what the activity is, they are learning how to grow and change.

Wilderness therapy is a process. Healing takes time and effort, but with the right tools and the right treatment plan, recovery is possible!

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    Is Wilderness Therapy Right for Your Teen?

    How the Outdoors Helps Teens

    RedCliff Ascent uses the backdrop of nature as our catalyst for the effective treatment of teens struggling with mental health and behavioral issues. Your teen will attend a program with a treatment approach that is centered around outdoor behavior health, and this is centered around the healing power of nature.

    RedCliff Ascent believes that wilderness based therapy is best designed to:

    • Disrupt the unhealthy systems and behavior patterns that are causing the dysfunction and developmental delays.

    • Provide a deep understanding of the issues causing the dysfunction.

    • Help your teen build strong relationships by means of group activities that require teamwork and cooperation.

    • Participate in individual, group, and family therapy sessions.

    • Re-engage teens in healthy adolescent development.

    • Replace unhealthy systems and behaviors with age-appropriate and healthy coping skills.

    After Wilderness Family Therapy Dad and Kid Hug

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    Research-Backed Care


    Evidence-Based Treatment

    When RedCliff Ascent boasts its high-quality treatment, there is research to back it up. Our program continues to improve and develop individualized treatment plans for each teen, ensuring they receive specific therapy approaches that will give them the best opportunity for healing and growth.


    Quality Accreditations

    You can rest assured that your teen will be attending a program that continues to provide the best treatment, and has received the highest accreditations and membership of the industry’s leading organizations that regulate the wilderness therapy community.


    Industry Leading Professionals

    RedCliff Ascent’s therapy model would be nothing without our amazing team of professionally licensed therapists, field guides, and medical care staff. Your teen is in the best care as our teams meet weekly to discuss and adjust the treatment structure when needed.


    Real-time Monitoring System

    We have a robust monitoring system that provides critical treatment and program data to the team throughout the treatment process. Key treatment providers are immediately notified in real-time if a family or teen is struggling significantly during the treatment process.

    What Our Program Looks Like

    Wilderness therapy provides an opportunity in which each participant is put in an environment where their every action has real-life consequences. Taken away from the home, teens come to understand the course of their actions and the reasoning behind the decisions they make. They become accountable for themselves and those around them. In the wilderness, they learn to confront what it is that is causing their struggles.

    Individual & Group Therapy

    Through structured individual therapy sessions (and some spontaneous sessions), with the help of our therapists, your teen is able to root out unwanted behaviors and problems.

    Group therapy is an integral part of RedCliff Ascent, with a primary goal to elicit genuine responses from teens’ changing environments. Interpreting their experiences in wilderness therapy is a first step on the recovery path. Some of the topics discussed include the development and maintaining of healthy relationships, problem-solving, and the understanding of behavior (psychoeducational evaluation).

    Peer-led groups can also help participants give proper feedback to each other. When working so closely with others, participants can see how their actions affect those around them. Providing these assessments of one another allows for the growth of the individual and the group as a whole.

    Learn more about our Therapy Experience

    Family Therapy

    Family Therapy allows parents to take part in the treatment process and make necessary changes to provide a family system their teen can come back to in order to thrive. The goal of family therapy is to bring families back together.

    Learn more about Wilderness Family Therapy

    Is RedCliff Ascent The Right Fit?

    We’ll help you explore your options and guide you through the process.

    How to Support Teens in Crisis: Tips for Parents | A Student at RedCliff Ascent's Wilderness Program looks out over a wilderness scene

    Conditions that RedCliff Ascent has had success in treating:

    I’d like to let you know how delighted I am with the RedCliff program and how impressive the hard work and dedication of the staff is…We feel that your program has very probably saved this child’s life and given us back our son…

    Kathy - Parent

    We have nothing but respect and appreciation for your program

    James and Elizabeth

    … RedCliff was a real turning point for John. If we had sent John to a more traditional treatment program, we would not have had these results…


    … Even though sending her to RedCliff was a gut-wrenching decision, we know we did the right thing. We are thankful for the help and insight you gave to her and us…

    Clark and Irene

    You have an awesome program! We’re so grateful for the difference it has made in Alec’s life.


    I’m writing because I didn’t know any other way to say thank you! I was a student at RCA…


    I just wanted to thank RedCliff Ascent from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for me. Who knows where my life would have taken me without the guidance and support...


    I just wanted to say thank you for the most rewarding and life-altering experiences of my life. I am now going to college in Oregon and I am studying Criminology and Criminal Justice. And I would not be where I am today if it were not for this program, so thank you.


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