Parent Links

Parental participation is a critical part of the wilderness therapy treatment process. Here are six participation expectations that will help your troubled teen succeed in our wilderness therapy program:

Parent Testimonials

“One of the main things that helped us decide on RedCliff was the parent part of the whole program…There was a connection with the homework that we had on our part that went along with what our kid was doing!” —(names omitted)

“We had been in family therapy for over a year, and I found doing the Parent Narratives more helpful, more insightful than anything we had done before!” —(names omitted)

“It gave us a voice to him, and it gave me a voice to listen to as I was processing this myself. So, I feel like there was healing in me as I did the process, and there was healing for him as he read what we had to say.” —(names omitted)

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