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Safe Wilderness Therapy Demands Winter Prepration

Field staff at RedCliff Ascent have a difficult occupation and are expected to maintain high standards of operation all year. Occasionally, extreme weather conditions can make their jobs even tougher. Because safety is our #1 priority, RedCliff’s Field Director, Scott … Continue reading

University Visitors Get First-Hand Look at Troubled Teen Therapy

This week we had two visitors from the Outdoor Recreation Dept of Southern Utah University.  Each semester we participate in a on-site practicum that allows Outdoor Recreation students to visit our program and observe our Wednesday staff change process.   … Continue reading

Families and Troubled Teens: Learning to Fly

As Intake Coordinator for RedCliff Ascent, I ensure safe transportation of our new troubled teens students to see the pediatrician for their initial physicals as part of the intake process. Last week, while returning to the field after one of these … Continue reading