Most of all I want to thank all at RCA who were part of my journey in the wilderness. After 10 years of clinical depression, struggle, grief, traumatic events and no hope for the future and just hiding it all behind a smile, I graduated a new changed happy Harrie. I now am loving every aspect of life. Just having fresh water and showers made my day for the first two weeks after leaving the wilderness!
Since being back I have been keeping busy recently completing an epic journey of personal growth and intensive skill development in some of the most extreme situations. Rafting kayaking first aid and rescue training. 90 days 18 rivers 3 countries Canada USA and Mexico. This week Im off ski instructing in Italy so its all go!
I now am looking forward to my future of working as a ski instructor and kayak/raft guide over the next few years, meeting people from all over the world and most of all having fun!
There are still many hurdles and struggles which I face but now I feel I have the strength to get through them and I see myself for who I am.
I miss you all especially those who I worked with the most Oxbow, Courageous Wolf, Ocean, Flacon, Firebear, Firefly echo, Red Wolf.
Take care guys and if anyone is heading skiing or kayaking I will be kicking around the slopes and rivers of Europe, USA and Canada over the next few years would be great to see you!
Harrie….a.k.a. Eastern Oriole!