Hey, my name is James “Krazy Koyote.”  I went to RedCliff when I was 17 years old. I’ve never taken the time to actually let the staff know how much it changed my life.  Now, five years later, I notice the impact it had on my life.

I admit that when I came home I was worse than before because I was mad. But you guys gave me the tools to deal with the messes I made for myself. I remember Doc Dan sooo well. I remember how we’d argue and I remember how he had this ability to make me see things without telling me.

I just want you guys to know that I’m doing well now. I got in a motorcycle accident last year and almost was killed a few times. If I hadn’t gone to RCA I think the way I handled those life changing experiences would have been a lot differently.

Now I’m enrolled in college and working on becoming an X-ray tech.  I don’t give RCA the credit, but I do hold them responsible for giving me the tools to strengthen myself as an individual and make myself a strong man. I no longer look to other people for help or blame other people for the things that have happened to me. I accept responsibility for my actions, then I change myself for the better.