Narrative Therapy


Can you rewrite your life story? You cannot change the events that happened in your life, but you can change the way that you think about them. The stories that people tell themselves about their lives matter because people use stories to organize and define their lives. Using techniques of narrative therapy with the help of a qualified professional can allow you to rewrite  the way you relate to your story. By changing your story, you can change your life.

History of Narrative Therapy


Michael White and David Epston developed narrative therapy in the 1980s. Narrative therapy techniques are designed to empower clients. Therapists work as collaborators with clients to create new views on their stories. By changing the way you relate to your story, you change your life.


Principles of Narrative Therapy


An important principle of narrative therapy is that people are not problems. Problems are problems. Participants in narrative therapy learn to think of the issues that they face as something external. If you are having trouble managing your time or staying away from drugs or alcohol, then you have a problem. But you, as a person, are not the problem. By looking at the problem as something outside yourself, then the problem because easier to manage because it becomes easier to think creatively about solutions when you are not judging yourself.

Avoiding blame is another aspect of narrative therapy. Therapists who practice narrative therapy discourage participants from blaming others as well as themselves. Instead, you are encouraged to focus on behaviors and ways of thinking that they would like to change. Your therapist will help to guide you to healthier habits and thought patterns.


Benefits of Narrative Therapy


One of the major challenges of wilderness treatment is the distance between family and child. Narrative therapy allows the family to be part of the treatment process each week, even though their child is far from home. The parents voice gets to be heard in each session and the family is able to begin to understand the stories their child tells. Each of us translates our personal experiences into personal stories. When you have a new way of thinking about the events in your life, you will be better able to break free of old, harmful patterns. Families who participate in narrative therapy are able to grow and move forward.