Teen Help Evaluation Assessment

Patented Assessment Tool

Complete the teen help assessment for a clear picture of where your son or daughter stands therapeutically.

Our patented online assessment helps determine the level of care.  Progress begins at the point of diagnosis. Once we have determined if our teen help programs and therapists are the right fit for your son or daughter, we can begin steps to healing and a brighter future!  What approach, therapist or level of care would best help with your son or daughter’s current needs? How does your teen compare with others on a therapeutic scale?

Please begin the assessment below. We are happy to send you the assessment results via email; however, we have found that telephone interaction and discussion are far more insightful and helpful as one of our professionals will answer any questions you may have about the results.


Please call one of our Admissions Coordinators with any questions at
We are available 24 hrs a day 7 days a week.
Darcy and Barbara teen help admissions

Darcy Holt, Admissions Coordinator & Barbara Davis, Sr. Admissions Cordinator

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