Become Healthy Again – Healthy Lifestyle and Fitness

An Integrated Care Approach To Wellness – Healthy Lifestyle and Fitness

In two major research studies: RedCliff has shown that participants in the RedCliff Ascent wilderness program make both significant emotional and physical health improvements.

The connection between physical health and mental health is well established. When we feel well, we do better. Being comfortable in one’s own skin and appreciating the miraculous body that moves you about your day is key to building strong self-esteem. The typical teenage diet consists of sodas and highly processed foods. Poor nutrition absolutely affects performance, attitude, and one’s general state of mind. For students who are struggling with their weight and body image, RedCliff strongly believes that helping a teenager overcome their challenges must also include addressing physical health concerns. This will expedite their progress and will lay a foundation for health and self-discipline.
We do this by providing an environment that promotes an overall healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle includes a healthy diet, regular exercise, a physically active daily routine, good self-care and hygiene, and appropriate sleep habits.

Healthy diet

A healthy diet is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. One of the major issues affecting teenager’s moods is the poor food choices they make. Part of the treatment process at RedCliff is the introduction of healthy food choices and education about the importance of the foods we eat.


Exercise is a powerful treatment for emotional problems such as depression and anxiety. Students at RedCliff participate in various physical activities and exercise to promote their overall health.

Physical activity in the daily routine

Physical activity in a daily routine is critical to a healthy lifestyle. RedCliff Ascent provides a highly engaging environment both intellectually and physically.

Good hygiene and self-care habits

Good hygiene may seem counter-intuitive or even unachievable for a wilderness therapy program. However, the importance of good hygiene and self-care habits is heightened in the wilderness setting. At RedCliff students learn the basics of hygiene and self-care that can be a foundation for a positive and healthy self-perception.

Healthy sleep habits

Quality sleep is essential to physical and emotional health. This is often one of the first areas addressed and is a foundation for all the other treatments and activities we do at in the field.

A healthy lifestyle and physical fitness is an especial part of our Integrated Care approach and directly connected to the future success of teenagers.