Parent Testimonial

To the RedCliff Staff,

I take the opportunity of returning your survey and to thank you for your help this past summer. Can a mere “thank you” ever be sufficient?

Since leaving RedCliff, Ethan’s progress has been nothing short of miraculous. He went on to attend Hyde’s Summer Leadership Challenge where he continued to do well. After getting all zeros last year in his public school, Ethan was elected to the Honor Guard at Hyde for fall trimester, which is contingent on getting an honors in four out of five of his courses and not getting a warning in any way. Also, we’ve been told, he’s starting to assume a leadership role at Hyde.

When Ethan is at home in our town of 100,000 some people, Ethan won’t go outside out of fear, anger, or embarrassment at being seen by his old drug buddies. Although this is far from an ideal solution to peer pressures, it is the best solution he has at this time.

Ethan loved RedCliff and has tremendous respect for its regime and staff. He kept our entire extended family amused with stories of his adventures there this past summer. And he wants to return next summer as a peer counselor.

So I close by reiterating the MIRACLE that RedCliff wrought in his life. A mere “thank you” somehow seems inadequate but I offer it anyway




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