Student Testimonial

Dear RCA Staff,

I’m writing because I didn’t know any other way to say thank you! I was a student at RCA. I enrolled August 20, 2004, and completed the program October 24, 2004 (I believe). Through my stay at RCA I found out who I was.

Before going to RCA I had no idea who I was. I based myself off of other people, because of that I lost the little girl who I once was. My parents made the best decision. And the hardest. I thank them all the time for letting me go to RCA (even though I had no choice). I actually know who I am now.

It sounds kind of odd, but I have never felt happiness like I did out in the wilderness at RCA. I miss it! I was supposed to break the record but Winter Rose didn’t get the memo.

It seems like a dream when I look back on my stay, but yet everything I have learned from all the staff and therapists will always stay with me. I have never met people that care so much about me until I attended RCA. So I would like to give a special thanks to Calming Dove, RainTracker, Bright Dragon, James (I know you have a wilderness name now but I can’t remember it), Winter Rose, and so many more.

I went to Discovery Academy after I graduated RCA, and I felt I really didn’t need to be there, at first. Then a week went by and I realized I still had work to do. RCA set the foundation of who I was and DA instilled it in me. I finished DA in six months and graduated academically and therapeutically. I don’t think I could have progressed the way I did if I didn’t attend RCA. So for everything, thank you. I can probably never thank you enough. You have opened my eyes and changed my life. My family is breaking apart, but now I know how to deal with it better than before.

Thank you!



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