Parent Testimonial

Having a “RedCliff Graduate” we are always anxious to get news of what we call “the field.” Even though our son has had his share of problems this past year, we still look at him and feel very grateful to all the staff for helping get him to this point. He is so very much better than he was when we made the difficult decision to send him to RedCliff.

Our son is now a 17-year-old with the group of problems that seem to infect most of the teens in our area. He is very “self motivated” and at times not thinking actions through. But compared to the dark, unhappy, scary boy we sent, we can deal with teen stuff. We are still very vocal and strong supporters of RedCliff and are still running into the same “how could you do that to your child” people when discussions of where to get help for out of control teens come up. Our son often brings up stories of things that happened when at RedCliff and always speaks fondly of his experience. His bow drill and gear is hung in his room and he sleeps with his wigi on his bed.

We will always be grateful to RedCliff and all the wonderful staff. They gave us hope and comfort during a very hopeless and frightening time.

Mike and Trish

Graduate October 25, 2005


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