Parent Testimonial

Dear RedCliff Staff and Friends,

We’re sending an overdue note of thanks to all of you up in the high desert. Nine months ago we were faced with a once loving son whom we hardly recognized. We were in a crisis of drug use and dangerous behavior that was beyond our grasp to fix. We knew at last that we had to act decisively or lose him. And we had to research and chart a course in a matter of days and hours.

Red Cliff Ascent kept appearing in our notes and recommendations, so we went on instinct and limited knowledge, and sent Greg halfway across the country to a place we’d never seen before. It was the best “leap of faith” we ever made.

Two months later a changed young man greeted us. Our son was changed, lean, and shaped by the wilderness. He was inwardly aware and alert. He’s wrapping up high school now with a newly found confidence. He knows that he has what it takes to attain his goals. Best of all is his own understanding that nothing is guaranteed. But that his own actions carry consequences that can’t be avoided or argued away.

Gratifying to us is his wish to return to RedCliff to give back some of what he’s learned and taken from the program. We’re doing our best to keep on the path he’s begun with you.


Pat and Karen


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