Born and raised in Indiana, Eric first came to Utah for school where he earned a BA in English literature from Brigham Young University. With a resolve to never set foot in Utah again, he began work back east of the Mississippi at a publishing company designing and later managing the production of books. Eric eventually found his way to Florida where he embraced a coastal lifestyle playing music at a citrus orchard, sailing, surfing, SCUBA diving, and fishing. As a volunteer for a SCUBA program geared towards special needs youth, Eric discovered the value of the outdoors as a therapeutic medium. This experience, sobriety, and a childhood dream of homelessness eventually convinced him to leave Florida to begin work at RedCliff Ascent as a Field Instructor. Today Eric utilizes his management experience, personal recovery, and reverence for nomadic living as a Field Support Manager and couldn’t be happier living in his car somewhere in the Southwest desert. He also really likes Utah now.