Director of Follow Up Services

Mike is currently employed by the Ascent Corporation (Discovery Academy, Discovery Ranch, RedCliff Ascent and Oxbow Academy) as the research coordinator.

He and his wife were initially hired by RedCliff Ascent in 1999 and worked together as a field team for almost 3 years. As a field guide Mike witnessed the clinical power of the wilderness and developed an interest in outcomes research. During the following years he was employed as the director of staff services and was heavily involved in continued program development and training. Mike moved to Oklahoma to obtain a master’s degree in counseling psychology and returned to Utah in 2010. While in graduate school he conducted a study designed to explore and chart the transitional experience of RedCliff graduates after returning home.  “I’d read all of the Outdoor Behavioral Research Cooperative’s  (OBHRC) publications and became inspired by Keith Russell’s work. Wilderness therapy research transitioned from an interest to a passion, and I am fortunate to be associated with the Ascent corporation in a research capacity.”