Holidays such as Thanksgiving will be a very different experience for a student at Redcliff Ascent.  Instead of gathering at Grandma’s house for dinner with extended family, RCA students will spend the day with their group in a camp in the remote southern Utah wilderness. 

The group will have a layover day on Thanksgiving, which means they will relax and not have to hike.  The staff will help the students prepare a fabulous meal consisting of turkey with the fixings cooked in a dutch oven. There will be rolls, cranberry sauce and green beans as well.  To top off this fine meal, the students will be treated to pumpkin pie!

Even though it will be hard for our students to be away from their families during this holiday season, the memories they will make in the wilderness will last a lifetime and hopefully always be a cherished memory.

Redcliff Ascent is thankful for the opportunity to serve all of the families we are privileged to work with each year.  Happy Holidays from our family to yours! Phyllis Cooper, Office Manager

Here’s a look at this year’s celebration: