Changing Seasons at RedCliff Ascent


It is impossible to predict when a teen is going to need help. That is why the RedCliff Ascent program runs year-round. Troubled teens can come to us whenever they are ready, and they can stay until they are prepared to make a transition back home, or to another program.


Summer and Winter at Activities


At RedCliff Ascent, the activities and therapy structure remains the same throughout the year. This includes activities such as leading a hike, making traps, and bowing fires. Because the activities remain the same, the transition between summer and winter activities comes through the training and awareness of the staff members.

While activities remain largely the same, the seasons do affect the type of experiences students have at RedCliff. During the summer, students find it easier to hike to the peaks of mountains. The views from the top are breathtaking. Also, in the warmer months, students can see flowers blooming across the vast wilderness.

In the cold of winter, students and staff members have less daylight in which they can explore the wilderness. Students take longer to set up camp. Hiking becomes a little more difficult, and students reach the top of mountain peaks less often than in summer. However, in the winter, they are able to sled down some small hills and enjoy snowball fights. Also, in winter the trees and mountains look especially beautiful after a fresh snow.

Preparing for the Field


Field Staff Director Stacy Sturtevant trains field staff members in both cold and hot weather safety. When the temperatures are too hot or too cold, students don’t hike. Each morning and night, the students have to check off hygiene with staff. These checklists include safety precautions, such as making certain that students are warm enough and checking for blisters on students’ feet. RedCliff Ascent also provides students and staff members with gear that is appropriate for the season.

The weather dictates when students transition from summer to winter gear. The professionals at RedCliff work hard to make certain that the students have the best gear available. Warehouse Manager Milt Hatt attends buying shows multiple times each year. He reaches out to manufacturers to make certain that RedCliff Ascent has the most up-to-date equipment possible. Milt also listens to feedback from students and staff members. He works hard to ensure that students and staff members have everything that they need to stay warm and safe in the field.

The Best Season for RedCliff Ascent

The best season for a teen to visit RedCliff Ascent is whenever they need help.  All year, people at RedCliff Ascent are ready to help troubled teens. Trained staff members are equipped to help your teens move on to the next step in their journeys.