The Program

July 3, 2019

Special Treats For Special Days

Special Treats for Special Days   As a wilderness program for at-risk youth, celebration and ceremony are a big part of life at RedCliff Ascent (RCA). […]
April 11, 2019

Narrative Therapy

Narrative Therapy   Can you rewrite your life story? You cannot change the events that happened in your life, but you can change the way that […]
March 26, 2019

Separating To Come Together?

Separating to Come to Together It seems counterintuitive. The thing you want most in the world is to bring your family together. Then why on Earth […]
March 13, 2019

Employee Spotlight: David Cacamis

Employee Spotlight: David Cacamis   Unlike boot camps for troubled teenagers, RedCliff Ascent focuses on healing rather than military discipline. David Cacamis, CSW, is one of […]
February 14, 2019

Changing Seasons at RedCliff Ascent

Changing Seasons at RedCliff Ascent   It is impossible to predict when a teen is going to need help. That is why the RedCliff Ascent program […]