Pre-Enrollment Information

Our wilderness therapy enrollment forms contain important historical information about your troubled teen. In addition, those forms include a family profile, health questionnaires, a Consent for Treatment, and other legal documents. In fact, accurate information will help our treatment team design and implement an appropriate treatment plan.

One of the successful aspects of our wilderness treatment program is our ability to create an individualized treatment plan specific to your teenager. Relying on 25 years of successful treatment and results based feedback we also have developed unique and effective approach. To put it another way, our approach includes an environment where real progress can be made.

“When your son or daughter is in trouble, you just want to do whatever you can do change that. We wanted to know that we did everything in our power for our daughter to help her have a good future…And we felt healing as well in return!” –(names omitted)

Our admissions team is happy to provide answers to the clinical and logistical questions parents sometimes have while arranging troubled teen help. They can also help you determine whether or not RedCliff is an appropriate placement for your teen.

Additional Information

Please explore our website or call an admissions counselor at 801-921-8488 for additional information about how RedCliff Ascent can help your family.