Regain Confidence In School

When it comes to a child’s education failing grades or not attending class could mean the loss of dreams, ambitions, and opportunities. Expectations of college or other forms of advanced education begin to slip away. Parents see their teen wasting their talents and abilities. Every parent wishes that the teen could see themselves as the parent can.

Does any parent raise their child with intent for them not to be independent? Or to not be able to care for themselves someday? Of course, they don’t.

Treatment takes time, but in this case, it’s not a loss of time.

Education Matters

RedCliff Ascent is prepared and equipped to continue your teenager’s academic education while here. Credits earned are completely transferable. With privatized learning, teenagers at RedCliff not only gain self-esteem about who they are as human beings but also about their ability to learn and be good academic students.

We believe all of our students are highly capable. It is possible for a perfectly bright individual to feel out of sync in a traditional education system. The RedCliff program lends itself to complete customization. We will help your teen feel confident as a student. They will enjoy the learning process; maybe for the first time. In addition to this, we will provide the family with options to make sure academic learning can continue beyond the field for those students who need specific accommodations.


Academics is a major part of a teenager’s life. Often academic struggles are a contributor or at least impacted by a teenager’s struggles. Teenagers at RedCliff continue to participate in schooling while they are at RedCliff Ascent. We strive not to disrupt this important part of a teen’s life and development and furthermore believe that the wilderness can be a place where academic skills and competencies can be developed.

One of the distinguishing features of RedCliff is its view of success as positive engagement or re-engagement in academics during treatment and after graduation. After over two decades of treatment, we know we will be able to help a teenager overcome emotional and behavioral problems. We have seen thousands of teenagers become more fit and healthy; however, we believe success comes when a teenager is able to engage in a school setting and find success.

To achieve academic success during and after RedCliff we focus on the skills and competencies that underlie academic success. This often includes the ability to delay gratification. For some teenagers, they seek entertainment and excitement but struggle to find satisfaction in the mundane aspects of life, such as school and homework. RedCliff is designed to help teenagers develop skills to help them academically while at RedCliff and after.

—Steven M. DeMille, PhD, LCMHC

To begin the process of admission and academic planning during treatment, please contact our admission team 801-921-8488.




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