Chris graduated from Bryant University in Rhode Island this past Saturday. He graduated with a BS in Computer Science Informations with a minor in statistics.  Bryant was rated as one of the top 20 universities in the US by USNewsandWorld Reports.  WOW!!
He missed graduating “cum laude” by .1 of a point – but that is fine.  He worked hard, finally found his balance and soared.  He reflects on his “highschool years” as a time in his life when he was not yet ready to move ahead at all. He was just comfortable having a “good time” and just moving through school as an average student.  His guidance counselor for years insisted to me that Chris was bright but was not yet ready to “spread his wings”.  In hindsight, she was right.

He continues to do this “annual camping event” each Summer with his fellow college friends.  And I have to constantly remind myself to “bite my tongue” when I ask and remind him if he has “everything he needs for camping”. He compares camping in Maine each Summer as the “Ritz-Carlton” compared with RedCliff – I can understand that!!
You will always be such a special person in our lives……………

Fondly, Gail