Two years ago Scott was a student at RedCliff. Today he’s an apprentice in a construction trades program, honing his carpentry skills, saving up for a car, and planning his future.
        “I hated life and my parents,” Scott says. He wasn’t very fond of RedCliff either during his first weeks in the program.
        He was 16 at the time and had been expelled from a private school. RedCliff was the second therapeutic program his family tried. His parents hired an escort to get him to Utah.
        “My parents told me but I didn’t believe them. I’d been staying up two weeks straight waiting for the escort. The one night I go to sleep they’re there,” he recalls with a laugh.
        Scott says his real progress came when one student in his group refused to hike. While the group waited, Scott used the week to do his phase work.
        That, he says, started the ball rolling. From RedCliff he went to a transitional living program where he lives with other young men who are also recovering substance abusers.
        He’s finishing high school and learning a trade. With pride in his voice he says it’s been 14 months and he’s still sober.
        He trained for and completed a half marathon and says he’s trying to decide between going to college and entering the military.
        “In the long run, it was a great experience,” he says speaking of RedCliff. “I have a great life.”