The Redcliff crew flew to Philadelphia last week for the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) Spring Conference.  We ran the stairs from the “Rocky” movie, went on a tour of Constitution Hall, watched a Phillies game, visited The Reading Terminal for Gyros and dined at a wonderful Brazilian Grill –  the likes of which we don’t see in Southern Utah.  It was a wonderful trip and it’s always good to get out and get my perspective adjusted.

Mostly, I enjoyed spending time with all my colleagues within the four Ascent sister programs, reconfirming my admiration for the work they do for families.   We networked, marketed and visited with educational consultants and other program folks.   And we walked…..alot

At our booth, we handed out Starbucks gift cards with a “QR code.”  This was a great idea of our Medicine Wheel Director, Chad Balagna.  Get your smart phone, put the barcode on the QR Code and up comes a digital message from Chad.  This generated traffic to our booth and we were able toexplain the wonders of Redcliff!  I had one consultant tell me that “we knocked it out of the park with the QR Codes” – I’ll take it!  – Andrea Burgess, Executive Director

Follow this link to see the QR Code video and message: