Celebrating in the amphitheater at Outpost

Every 3 months we have “Shin Dig” at Redcliff Ascent, a wilderness camp for troubled teens.  This is the only time during a student’s stay at RCA that their group will get together with other groups in the field and it is an event that is very anticipated by all.

Shin Dig happens on the last Wednesday of the month, which is staff change day for that week. This allows for all of the staff to participate along with the students and administration team.

The week leading up to Shin Dig is spent preparing song & dance routines and carving spoons, writing poems for reading at Shin Dig and practicing bow drill fire skills.  The students then compete in these areas and the 1st, 2nd & 3rd places in each event receive prizes of candy bars, licorice, Pop Tarts etc.  This is a huge deal to the students who have been junk food free since their arrival at RCA!

The administration team then prepares a yummy lunch for everyone followed by dessert and the students enjoy every single bite.

Some students or staff may also receive their earth names at Shin Dig. Earning an earth name is a special part of RCA and shows that the person has made significant progress in stepping out of their old behaviors and into new paths.

Plans are under way now for our June Shin Dig and a great time will be had by everyone!! – Phyllis Cooper, RedCliff Ascent Office Manager