This week we had two visitors from the Outdoor Recreation Dept of Southern Utah University.  Each semester we participate in a on-site practicum that allows Outdoor Recreation students to visit our program and observe our Wednesday staff change process.
They begin the day by participating in our morning meetings and then accompany our Backup Driver and staff to the field and back.  While in the field they can visit with students, getting a feel for the types of students that make up our Redcliff Ascent population.  
Also, our visitors get a chance to visit with staff from both shifts, helping provide a proper perspective of the demands our field guides go through week in, and week out.
After their arrival,  the two visitors inquired if the staff milling around were getting their food and gear ready for the week ahead.  When I answered in the affirmative, one of our SUU guests responded, ” That is so cool.”  Yes, we like to think so.  – Mark Noe, RedCliff Ascent Staff Services Director