As Executive Director, I can find gobs of reasons as to why I need to stay in the office, sit at my desk, talk on the phone and get that growing pile of paperwork done.  The problem is there are always phone calls to be made, paperwork to be done and any number of tasks to complete to keep Redcliff Ascent on track.  All of it important and necessary. 

Going to the field is a perk – I get to see students in various stages of treatment, mood and progression.  How is the gear working that we provide?  How has the weather affected the students and staff?  How creative are they with the food?  How are staff interacting with students?   Oh, the things I can learn by observing, chatting and being a part of the group  – evn for just a short time. 

Students often inquire as to what it is I “do” here at RCA.  I just tell them I work in the office and consider it a treat to be out in the field with them. 

I always come back to the office rejuvinated, in a better mood and with an even better appreciation of what it is we really do here at RCA.    We have the opportunity to shape young lives, to present other ideas and ways of looking at the world and, in particular, their situation. by Andrea Burgess, Executive Director, RedCliff Ascent