Ever Wonder How Your Teen Spends Their Day. We put together this fun informational graphic.  This information comes from surveys done on Facebook as well as a study conducted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. We thought we would save you from reading page after page of boring stats. These responses are from actual teens who don’t think anyone is watching so we think it’s pretty accurate. It’s not spying when it’s science, right.

There have been a lot of changes in teen behavior in the last ten years. To properly address the issues facing so many of our children today, we must remove the distractions and get to the heart of the matter. Even though technology is great it brings its own challenges.  That’s why we focus on wilderness therapy for teens. Really, mother nature is a natural teacher. We want struggling teens to leave all those distractions behind and focus on healing. This in turn allows the teen to get to know themselves and confront their challenges, again without other distractions.

We hope you enjoy this information. We also hope you find it useful. If you find that you have questions about your struggling teen please give us a call. We have a full admission center that will help you and your teen find solutions. Feel free to share this with others after all technology does have its uses.

Ever Wonder How Your Teen Spends Their Day