Congratulations to the winner of our Wilderness Staff Photo Contest!  No big surprise here – the wedding of Cedar Heart and Meadow Lark captured the heart and votes of many!  (Get in touch with Alison 1-800-898-1244 or 1-801-921-8488 to claim your Chaco prize.)
Kiva Wedding, True Love


And since we realized that it is nearly impossible for anything to compete with wedding pictures in the kiva, we went ahead and tallied up the votes for Runner-Up.  Congratulations to one of our current staff, Kate, for her picture of one of our Medicine Wheel students as she releases her New Year’s Eve lantern.  Milt is ready to order a pair of Chacos for you, too!
Wilderness Sky Lantern 

Thanks to everyone who participated!  We love seeing the images that you treasure the most and hope to see more.