A Message from the Field Support Manager

By Kaitlyn Jones, AKA Crystalline Orchid, Field Support Manager


I am a field support manager for one of the shifts. On a perfect week, I do is I spend half my time in the office and half my time in the field. I help the staff with their personal and professional development. I also help to develop a healthy field culture in certain groups and among staff and monitor what is going on in the field.

How I Came To RedCliff Ascent

I actually came to RedCliff Ascent through Southern Utah University (SUU). I was an outdoor recreation major. When I was a university student, there was a course in which presenters from different companies in the outdoor recreation industry came and told us about their companies. I decided to look more into what RedCliff Ascent had to offer, and what this whole “wilderness therapy” thing was about. Next, I toured the company. The tour lasted about 15 hours, collectively.

What appealed to me about RedCliff Ascent was just that fact that somebody a long time ago decided to create a system around the wilderness. The wilderness plays a huge role in healing, which is something that I think a lot of outdoor enthusiasts enjoy about the outdoors. Being outdoors heals. Having a system where people come outside and allow it to play a big part in their healing is amazing. I thought it was absolutely fascinating that there was an industry based on that experience. That is what drew me to RedCliff Ascent, and it is what keeps me here.

Why You Should Consider RedCliff Ascent for Your Teen

There are two things about RedCliff Ascent that every parent should know. First, every time I get to work with another person’s child, I feel very honored. It is an honor to be able to not only be trusted but to be able to work with another person’s family member–another person’s kid or sister or cousin–so that ultimately they can have the space that they need to heal. There is a deep sense of honor and gratitude that comes with working with someone else’s family member.

The second thing I want parents to know is that not only is your child safe physically, but their child is safe mentally and emotionally too. Sometimes, it is hard for parents to believe that their teens are safe because the teens are outside. Weather can get crazy. Situations can get different and weird. These are things that a lot of people can get uncomfortable with. But there is a reason that on our website it says, “Your child is safe tonight.” They are.