How RedCliff Ascent Can Help Your Teen In School


Many of the teens who come to RedCliff Ascent (RCA) haven’t had the best experience at school. For a lot of kids, school is associated with failure and rejection. They cope with school by acting out. At some camps for teenage girls and boys, they avoid the issue by not having any academic program at all. But RCA is different because RCA is more than just a camp. RCA is a wilderness therapy program that can help transform the way that your teen thinks about learning.

No Ordinary Days

There isn’t really a such a thing as a typical school day at RCA. Students learn about topics like astronomy, history, health, and art while exploring the wilderness of Southern Utah. The curriculum is built into the phase system. Students develop their reading and writing skills by completing assignments in the phase workbook.


“Students experience learning in an outdoor environment which is hands-on, experiential, and inquiry-based,” said Academic Director, Laurie Laird. “RedCliff is able to provide outdoor learning which is meaningful and relevant to the student.”


For example, students make use of essays, stories, and creative writing assignments and experiential learning to support academic growth and skills.

Making Progress

Because RCA has partnered with Discovery Academy, RCA students can earn academic credits in an outdoor environment. Discovery Academy is an accredited clinical boarding school in Provo, Utah with more than two decades of experience in educating troubled teens.


“This uniquely allows RCA to offer school credits along with innovatively incorporating a more rigorous academic program,” said Laurie.


The partnership allows teens to make progress on some of the academic ground that they may have lost.

Moving On

Students start to see learning differently because they experience change while at RCA.  The progress that students make in school remains with them after they go home or move on to another facility. The confidence and self-awareness that students find at RCA translate to greater success in a traditional classroom.