What does it mean when you say wilderness therapy and safety? There is a new study by Dr. Michael Gass of the University of New Hampshire. Detailed in this study is how teens are safer in wilderness therapy programs than they are in their own homes. The study is published in the Journal of Therapeutic  Schools and Programs.

In a statement released by the University, Dr. Gass says, “After ‘does this program work?’, the  question most asked by people considering  adventure therapy is ‘will my child  be safe?’” Dr. Gass is a professor of  outdoor education in the kinesiology  department at UNH. He wrote the article with lead author Stephen Javorski, a  UNH doctoral student.

“While no one can  guarantee the unconditional safety of  any child, we can now show the relative  risk levels for adolescents. This study  shows there is actually less risk to participate in a wilderness therapy program,  when they are conducted correctly,  than to adolescents in their normal everyday  activities.”

This is very hopeful research that should give peace of mind to many parents. For over 25 years RedCliff Ascent has been making kids safer and healthier. For more information or to have any questions answered give us a call today.

You can read more about the study at: http://www.unh.edu/news/releases/2013/mar/bp28wilderness.cfm#ixzz2PEdT4Pdu