Diversity and International Clientele

RedCliff Ascent works with clients from various backgrounds and cultures. The wilderness therapy program has effectively worked with clients and families from around the world.  Ultimately around 15% of RedCliff’s students come from outside the United States. That 15% represents over 35 different countries!

Important to realize is that federal law authorizes RedCliff Ascent to enroll International students and is SEVIS I-20 approved.

RedCliff also has international appeal as a treatment approach. Most cultures have used or continue to use the outdoors or wilderness as a stage for change and personal growth. They are also shifting the approach away from boot camps and more towards modeling for therapeutic interventions.

According to our ongoing research, the effectiveness of international clients has reported similar treatment improvements to clients within the United States.

International Student and Family Relationship Outcomes

A major part of assisting a teenager is in their change and personal growth. We want to disrupt any dysfunctional interpersonal and family patterns that enable a teenager’s development delay.

In addition, RedCliff Ascent uses a Narrative Family therapy approach. The narrative approach results in amplifying family dynamics and help parents connect with their child in a safe and powerful way.

Another specific area of research we focus on is the long-term effects of wilderness therapy. Therefore we want to know the lasting effects for students and families. The images below are reports of students over a period of time.