Community Dynamics

People sitting around a campfire

The environment at RedCliff is particularly good to see whether or not a troubled teen is actually making some attempts to alter their coping style. Or if the student continues to require external sources to provide their identity and emotional needs.


At RedCliff your teen will find themselves in an immediate and continuous community-building process. There is no place for troubled teens to hide. No way to avoid confronting their problems.

Person sitting in desert

With this in mind, the student’s role within their wilderness community changes. It changes as your teen progress through the seven curriculum stages with their individual treatment. How the student copes with the difficulties encountered by their immediate community, and their personal contributions to this community, are important indicators. Most importantly these indicators are of the students self-appointed position in the large community of their family or society.


Finally, the RedCliff communities struggle to master actual problems. During this time, the individual student shows the extent of their commitment to themselves and to their community. This demonstration and rehearsal is much more valuable than a mere verbal assurance. It shows that the student intends to change their behavior as soon as they return home

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