Graduation from our wilderness therapy program comes after the student has not only completed the curriculum, but has shown through his or her behavior, attitude, and expression, an internal change. The student must demonstrate emotional regulation and a commitment to allowing parents to direct the relationship. In other words, the student’s behavior must be aligned with their cognitive realizations and verbal commitments.

Parents make the ultimate determination on whether or not their student has achieved a realignment in their relationship. Curriculum completion is just one measure of a child’s readiness. Throughout the therapy process parents have had access to weekly clinical evaluations, field assessments, and, where requested, a psychological evaluation, to help them gauge their student’s progress. Parents are able to identify and assess their child’s developmental markers through tools such as the Parent Narratives. Using the child’s therapist as a treatment partner, they are prepared to make their decision based on clinically driven recommendations.

The graduation ceremony is a two-day process. Parents are notified when their child will be graduating so they can make the necessary arrangements to attend. The ceremony begins with a seminar where the parents are prepared for the reunion with their student. Upon conclusion of the seminar, parents are escorted to Outpost where they will experience the “run in.” Field staff prepare the student for a quarter mile run into the open arms of waiting parents. After parents and student have been reunited, they share a wilderness camping experience at Outpost hosted by the RedCliff Ascent staff. The focus of the graduation experience is to break down any barriers that may exist between parents and youth and open the doors of love, understanding, communication, and respect.

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