Medical and Clinical Services

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For your child’s well-being, RedCliff Ascent’s wilderness therapy rules give a full range of medical and clinical services. For more information, a complete discussion of clinical services is found in the article, What About Diagnosis?

  • A few of the clinical and medical services provided at RedCliff Ascent include:
    • A complete review of the student’s historical profile.
    • An intensive physical evaluation.
    • A psychosocial assessment.
    • A full level II Comprehensive Psychological evaluation (upon request at an additional charge).
    • A treatment plan development.
    • A treatment plan review.
    • Medication management.
    • Biweekly physical evaluations by medical staff.
    • Parent weekly phone sessions and consultation with a licensed therapist.
    • Student weekly individual psychotherapy sessions with a licensed therapist.
    • Weekly group psychotherapy sessions with licensed therapist.
    • Daily group sessions with field counselors.
    • Substance abuse 12-step process.
    • A graduation ceremony.
    • A discharge summary and transitional planning.
    • Insurance billing and utilization review.

Call an admissions counselor at 801-921-8488 for additional information about how RedCliff Ascent can help your family.