Outdoor Skills and Adventure

Moving Beyond Dysfunction and Encouraging a Flourishing Life

As I watch students grow and learn, gaining competencies in this beautiful environment I am reminded of the powerfully positive effect this program can have on an individual and their family!

Outdoor Adventure Therapy

Not your Traditional Therapy

Teens who attend RedCliff Ascent progress rapidly and thrive. This is called flourishing. Traditional therapy entails sitting in a room and talking about what needs to change. Young people, however, learn much more effectively when they are provided experiences so they can make the connections needed on their own.

Now imagine those teaching experiences building one on top of the other. Parents place their child at RedCliff to alleviate the suffering their child is experiencing. But also because parents want their child to flourish in life.

Flourishing occurs in experiences that bridge the gap between concept and reality. The unique experiences provided to our flourishing students help them to keep their clinical momentum. Challenging experiences and memories become the new foundation to support their success at the program and beyond.

Flourishing Experiences

Carefully thought out and crafted experiences help RedCliff teens flourish. During their time with us, your teenager is participating in various activities. The activities are creative, engaging, physically, and emotionally challenging. Activities foster feelings of success and achievement, which are foundational in order to achieve flourishing.

Your teenager will experience backpacking and camping in the backcountry at RedCliff. They will summit mountains and peaks. Students will learn skills that bring self-confidence. They will tap into their creativity through the simple crafts and art they create. In other words, the experiences used at RedCliff to propel your teen’s success are also experiences that will stay with them for the rest of their life.

We instill in our students the confidence that they can overcome huge obstacles and that they can celebrate in who they are and what they are made of.

A Pathway to A Successful life

Graduating from RedCliff doesn’t mean your son or daughter will never encounter problems again. Curve balls are a part of life. Through the flourishing process, your teenager gains the perspective and a positive experience base. This base teaches that no matter the challenges that lie ahead, your teenager can persevere and be resilient.

Students who begin to flourish do not need the negative behaviors and activities of their past. Once they experience true success and sweetness of accomplishment, there is no looking back.

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