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RedCliff Ascent started working with families with struggling teenagers in 1993. It is the most experienced wilderness therapy program in the industry. RedCliff is a wilderness therapy program for troubled teens in Utah. It has helped thousands of families and teenagers reach their family and personal goals.

Getting the Help you Need

If you are reading this page you likely have a troubled teen you do not know what to do with. Most of the troubled youth who come to RedCliff have failed to get help in other ways and/or have refused the help that has been offered. It is exceptionally difficult to work with a teen who is struggling and refusing the help that is available. Consequently, this is where RedCliff can help. Our unique treatment approach and treatment setting are able to bypass many of the limitations parents can experience trying to help their teen.

So How Can RedCliff Help?

RedCliff works with families and troubled teens who have failed in the past or are refusing to make necessary changes. There are three areas that RedCliff is uniquely able to help families. First, our treatment setting and approach. It is able to disrupt the personal patterns and environmental influences that have been enabling the dysfunction and distress. Second, we remove the negative influences and distractions. This helps us to get a deeper understanding of “why” a kid struggles and “who” a kid is at his core. Third, we reconnect the teenager in a healthy lifestyle and with healthy relationships. This includes removing the negative influences and having a better understanding of why a teen is struggling. Then we are ready to start working with a teenager to make a change. If your teenager is out-of-control and everything you have tried in the past to help is not working please contact us. You can learn more about how RedCliff can help your family and struggling teenager.

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