RedCliff Ascent has provided troubled teens and their families with the help they need for over 20 years.

Top rated Wilderness Therapy program for Troubled Teens

troubled teen wildernessRedCliff Ascent is a therapeutic wilderness program for troubled teens ages 13-17 who are on a developmental hiatus, our term for a disrupted or incomplete pattern of development. (For those of you who are 18 yrs. old and older we offer the Medicine Wheel Wilderness Program for Young Adults! Learn more about that program by calling us at: 1-800-898-1244 )

Located in Southern Utah, RedCliff Ascent covers an area of approximately 650 square miles.  RedCliff is not a boot camp, adventure camp, or any other kind of camp. As a wilderness therapy program, our model of teen help is based on respect, trust, and the understanding that your child is more than just a diagnosis.

Founded in 1993, RedCliff is different from any other kind of wilderness therapy program. We offer a level of clinical sophistication that is unmatched. RedCliff therapists don’t just hold therapy sessions in the outdoors. They understand how to use the environment as a clinical tool.

Why Wilderness Treatment Works for teens.

Our clinicians use a sophisticated mix of hard and soft skill development to help students progress therapeutically. The therapeutic value is not simply doing the task. It is understanding the meaning in the skill. RedCliff clinicians understand how to help students discover a very personalized interpretation. The task becomes a window from which the therapist helps the student view his struggles and his potential.

RedCliff Ascent teensOur goal is to help you find solutions to the struggles you face at home with your troubled teen. With teen anxiety and teen depression on the rise, problems at home and at school are increasing and wilderness treatment is becoming more and more important as an effective therapy. If our wilderness therapy program does not meet your child’s needs, we will recommend other treatment options or independent educational consultants who can guide you to an appropriate program.

We can help you, and your troubled teen, build new paths to success.

Explore our website and learn how our treatment model makes us a superior therapeutic wilderness program. Read about additional benefits of Wilderness Therapy based upon research studies conducted at our program.

RedCliff Ascent is an Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare program offering a safe and effective intermediate treatment options for struggling adolescents and young adults. International Emmy Award and Brat Camp info click here.

For additional information about how RedCliff Ascent can help your family call our admissions counselor at 801-921-8488 or 1-800-898-1244.